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Glendon Playground Committee

The Glendon School Playground Committee hosted their AGM November 16, 2023.  They are happy to announce they were able to meet quorum and  host elections.   The new board is as follows,

President:  Bailey Hadland 

Vice-president: Jessica McGinley 

Treasure: Erin Dallaire

Secretary: Jen Janz

We still have 2-3 director positions open. These positions will be open for nomination until filled.  There is a special meeting for November 30,2023 for a bylaw amendment.   The next regular playground meeting will be December 7, 2023.  All meetings are usually in person or via google meet.  Members can join us and vote on bylaws and all non money decisions. Membership is requested to join the Committee. 

Please email Bailey at for a membership form or further information.

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