Posted on October 5 2022

Follow this link for a short video on how you can help a student play school sports. SPONSORSHIP Follow this link for our sponsorship letter!  Sponsorship Letter  


Posted on February 2 2024

For families who need a little extra help in order to be able to join sports in the community and school.   KidSport Canada

January 2024 Jr/Sr High Exam Schedule

Posted on January 11 2024

Jr/Sr High Exam Schedule Provincial Exams will be in bold. If busses are cancelled on the day of any provincial exam it is the expectation of the parent that you make sure your child is in attendance.…


Grade 3/4 Visit to Seniors Center

Posted on December 14 2023

The Glendon School grade 3 & 4 music class, under the direction of Mrs. Tara Severin, visited the Seniors Center for the Retired Teachers Celebration.  The classes sang 2 of the Christmas songs they…

Glendon Playground Committee

Posted on November 22 2023

The Glendon School Playground Committee hosted their AGM November 16, 2023.  They are happy to announce they were able to meet quorum and  host elections.   The new board is as follows, President: …

Glendon Public Library News!!

Posted on November 15 2023

Parents/Guardians of Glendon School students:   As of October 30, 2023 our Glendon Community Library is open for public use in the respect of being able to have books delivered from other libraries in…

Apple Schools

Posted on March 22 2023

Glendon School is an APPLE school. This means that our school community collaborates with APPLE Schools to re-imagine our ideal healthy school community, and equip us with the skills, tools, and resources…

Grade 4 Authors!!

Posted on March 13 2023

Grade four students had a chance to enter a writing contest through Polar Bear Publishing earlier this year.  Nine of our grade four students sent in their stories and four were selected to  have their…

Public Library Coming to Glendon School

Posted on January 18 2023

Glendon School, along with the Village of Glendon are partnering with the Northern Lights Library System to open a public library within the school library.  Our goal is to make library resources easily…


Daryn Galatiuk ASAA Hall of Fame Induction

Posted on December 7 2020

Congratulations to our # 1 coach, Daryn Galatiuk on his induction into the ASAA Hall of Fame.  We are so blessed to have an athletic director with as much passion for sport as Daryn has.  All you have…


Apple Schools

Posted on November 27 2019

APPLE Schools is an innovative school-focused health promotion initiative proven to make a difference in schools. It impacts the lives of more than 20,000 students annually in schools across Western…

Green and G.O.L.D. Groundbreaking!

Posted on June 4 2019

Glendon School is pleased to announce that construction will start on our Green and G.O.L.D. in just two weeks! We will be hosting a groundbreaking ceremony and fundraiser in our northwest field on Tuesday,…