Scenario 1: In-school classes

All staff, students and visitors are required to complete the Daily Self-Screening for COVID-19. Individuals who answer No to all of the questions may attend school. Individuals who answer Yes to any of the questions may not enter the school, and should immediately self-isolate and use the AHS Online Assessment Tool or call 811 for further direction.

Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Mrs. M. Ference - Principal
Mrs. N. Yadlowsky - Assistant Principal, Grade 4
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Wanda Marsh
Preschool & Out of School Care
Mrs. Mandy Smith
Support Staff
Mrs. C. Paton - Library Clerk
Mrs. J. (FrankeKuhn) Osinchuk
         Mrs. L. Langevin - SST, Jr High LA, Grade 4
         Mrs. J. Wrobel - Kindergarten
         Mrs. H. Pshyk - Grade 1
         Miss A. Charter - Grade 2
         Mrs. A. Walker - Grade 3
 Mrs. C. Forster - Grade 5, Elementary Art
 Mrs. S. Reilly - Grade 6, Jr High Options
         Mr. D. Galatiuk - Sr High Social Studies, PE, Athletics Director       
         Mrs. D. Holmes - Jr/Sr High Sciences, Jr High Math
         Mrs. Annette Dillon - Jr/Sr High English
             Mr. J. Backer - Jr/Sr High Shop, Jr High PE, Grade 7 LA
         Mr. B. White - Jr/Sr High Mathematics, Sr High Physics
         Mrs. J Dubeau - Jr/Sr High Fashion & Foods, Career Councillor, Work Ex. & Distance Learning
                Mrs. K Hirsekorn - Pine Meadows School

Educational Assistants

         Mrs. J. Connolly

         Mrs. L. Kwiatkowski

         Mrs. L. Dechant


Main Phone #:  780-635-3881


Main Phone: 780-635-3881

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