School Supply Lists

Staples Supply Lists

To order from Staples, go to and click on the "Place your order here" button. Use the reference numbers below to find the kit you need.

If you don't want to order online, you can visit your local Staples store and they can assist you with your order.

To view the lists, click on the links below:

Grade 1- 8F75CBC6-D9554     With Headphones - 876331A7-D9555

Grade 22A789DF6-D9556     With Headphones9D53176A-D9557

Grade 3 - 3647C9BE-E9591 

Grade 4 E9DA0754-D9559

Grade 5 - E280D679-D9563      With Calculator and Headphones - CC84BD95-D9562 

Grade 6 E280D679-D9563      With Calculator and Headphones - 3122DD00-D9565

Grade 7 6CC6D08B-D9568      With Calculator and Headphones -  F4AA7F36-D9577 

Grade 8/9  7771A76B-D9578    With TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator - C6ADC963-C1096

 Grade 10/11/12 933D4B80-E9587   
With TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator - BF6FF810-D1102   
With TI-84 Graphing Calculator - 992F9673-D1105