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December 2022 - Gratitude

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians who tried out our activities last month. We had lots of fun learning about friendships, conflict resolution and healthy relationships at Glendon School last month. 

This month we are focusing on gratitude. At Glendon School, this means that we will be focusing on random acts of kindness, and being thankful for all the things that we have. 

Showing gratitude can increase our mental health. See in the following resource for more information on how showing gratitude can lift our spirits, make us feel more positive emotions, improve our health and build strong relationships:

Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier

As teachers, counselors, parents, and caregivers, etc. we can encourage an attitude of gratitude simply by being thankful ourselves, by making gratitude a routine, teaching about gratitude and by incorporating it into our decor such as the picture displayed on this blog showing a gratitude jar. 

A gratitude jar is a simple and easy project that you can make with your child using a mason jar or anything you find in the house. Simply write down what you are thankful for, and read the little notes at a later date all together. 

Watch this two minute video with your children that demonstrates a change in behavior when gratitude is used. 

Random acts of kindness can make the world a happier place for everyone. Random acts of kindness, like showing gratitude, increases our mental health by boosting our confidence and our happiness.  They will also encourage others to do the same, which will contribute to a more positive community.   

Try one of these random acts of kindness to make someone feel special:

- say something nice to someone

- play with someone new

- hold the door for someone

- leave a thank you note

- clean up without being asked 

- let someone else go first 

- donate some toys

- stick up for a friend 

- slip a note into a library book that you a returning 

Have some fun this month showing gratitude and doing random acts of kindness. 

For more resources, check out the Gratitude page of the NLPS website.

If you would like me to connect with your child or your family, you can contact me at the school at 780-635-3881.


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