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School Supply Lists - Staples

The Staples
School Tools Program
Staples makes Back to School efficient, affordable and easier for parents!
To help make Back to School as easy as possible for parents, Staples offers School Tools—complete school
supply kits for students containing supplies that have been selected, endorsed and approved by your child’s
school principal and/or parent-teacher association as primary choices for the year ahead.
The School Tools Program allows you to view and order the upcoming year’s required supplies list for your
child, as specified by their teacher, and is the most efficient way to ensure that your child has all of the core
supplies they need on their first day back.
Why choose Staples School Tools?
• It’s the quickest and easiest way to purchase your child’s teacher-selected items for class
• Guaranteed quality in all products chosen
• Competitive pricing means great value for your money
• School-year product guarantee – Enjoy hassle-free product replacement at any store
• Packaged in a Reusable Staples supplies bag

Place your order by at by clicking on the ‘Place your order here’
button. Choose the option to purchase 1 or multiples of the same kit, and proceed to find your reference number using the drop down menu, or entering the reference number provided on the next page.
Visit the local Staples store if you prefer or need assistance to complete your order.
We trust that you will find this a convenient way to purchase the core supplies that your
student’s teacher requires your student to bring to the classroom.



Staples School Supplies

Grade 1- 8F75CBC6-D9554     With Headphones - 876331A7-D9555

Grade 2 - 2A789DF6-D9556     With Headphones9D53176A-D9557

Grade 3 - 3647C9BE-E9591 

Grade 4 - E9DA0754-D9559

Grade 5 - E280D679-D9563      With Calculator and Headphones - CC84BD95-D9562 

Grade 6 - E280D679-D9563      With Calculator and Headphones - 3122DD00-D9565

Grade 7 - 6CC6D08B-D9568      With Calculator and Headphones -  F4AA7F36-D9577 

Grade 8/9 -  7771A76B-D9578    With TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator - C6ADC963-C1096

 Grade 10/11/12 - 933D4B80-E9587   With TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator - BF6FF810-D1102    With TI-84 Graphing Calculator - 992F9673-D1105


Happy shopping and have a great summer break!


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