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Read In Week - October 7th-10th

The READ IN Week initiative began in Edmonton when UNESCO declared 1990 The Year of Literacy. Representatives from Edmonton Catholic Schools, Edmonton Public Schools and Norquest (then) AVC, decided to join together to raise awareness for the importance of literacy. It was determined that the significance of literacy must begin with young children Kindergarten – Grade 12 and carry on to adults in the form of life-long learning. We here at Glendon School decided that this would be a good initiative for us to take on as well.  There is never too much importance put on the skill of literacy.

During the Read In Week we will have community members come in to read to classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  We have several parents who have volunteered to come to classes as well as a few Bonnyville Pontiac players on Wednesday and Thursday in the afternoon.  It is our hope as well that we can have some students go to our Seniors Lodge here in Glendon to share their love of reading with some of our citizens who may not be mobile enough to get out and read with us here at the school.

Anyone interested in helping out this week please contact Carla at the school (780)635-3881 and we will make arrangements.

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